Mtk flash tool Latest download smartphone

Mtk flash tool is a tool that is used for flashing MediaTek based Android device. It helps the phone to stock ROM or custom recovery in any device either old or new one. The easy interface lets the users flash the phone easily. As a result, using update features or new apps in any Android device is common for the users. The update version is compatible with all the operating systems though you use either Windows or Linux. Though it is an easier process, remember that you can’t get back your phone if you damage the phone by following the wrong process. So, in this article, you will get to know the features of the SP flash tool and the way how to flash phone by using Mtk flash tool Latest download smartphone.

What is Mtk flash tool

Mtk flash tool is an application that allows smartphone being flashed with an easier and risk freeway. It is a MediaTek smartphone tool that supports Windows all versions. The new and updated features of the tool are that it supports Linux platform. SP flash tool has come with an update of bug fixing in the new release. In addition, the only limitation of the tool is that it doesn’t support storage more than 4 GB storage. The download version is built image or binary data to the target.

Mtk flash tool Latest download smartphone

Furthermore, Current version of the tool is 1.352 that allows formatting phone EMMC,SDMMC, and NAND flash. SP flash tool lets you run the device with the external custom ROM so that you can save and store more file and documents.  You can also test and verify your external memory and NAND flash of the device. The other cool feature of the tool is that it allows the user to set some parameters on the phone such as OTP so that the [phone can run better and faster. You can also run the flash tool in console mode that is a must for the phone

Mtk flash tool Latest download smartphone


Mtk flash tool Latest download smartphone

this tools two in one download area

Mtk flash tool

Why should you use Mtk flash tool

At first, you need a laptop or computer and USB cable to start the procedure. Though the procedure is easy, you have to fulfill all the requirements. After having PC, just download the MTK drivers from the trustworthy websites because it is a must.

Next, you have to download the ZIP file of the package and open Smartphone Flash tool. After getting the Exe file, now load the scatter file and uncheck all the boxes. You will get a recovery box from the list and load recovery images according to the MTK device.

Here is the final step now. Switch off the device and connect it to the computer. Now click on the download button and next on the YES.  You have to wait a while. In the meantime, the flash tool will do the rest automatically.

Finally, you will get a green circle notification on the home screen. Your device is ready now to use as a new one. The flash lets you download all the update apps from the Google Play Store. Furthermore, you can enjoy the update features of the Android in your old phone.


The most regretful thing of the SP flash tool is that you can lose all your files and documents by using the tool. We are here to recommend highly that you must create a backup to store the valuable files and documents. As a result, you can avoid data lose when you flash your device.

Using flash tool can breach the official warranty of your device. You can’t get back the official warranty if you once flash your phone. So, do it with your risk. Though you will lose the warranty, it is better to have a new phone with the old one rather than using the old feature.

By using the flash tool you can now flash the system of the mediate smartphone devices. In addition, you can also recover the CWM or TWRP from the devices. Though flashing is a complex system, it is a great procedure to use the update features in the old phones.

In the conclusion, flashing is a great process to use the latest features on the old phones. Though there are some risks of performing and using Smartphone flash tool, it is better to have a flash on the old phone. It is also problematic if you follow the incorrect procedure. The incorrect procedure can damage your phone. So be careful. By the way, enjoy the latest features and updates by flashing your phone.