Miracle Box Crack v2.29 All Start Button Working solution (2018)

Miracle Box Crack v2.29 is the latest version of the mobile repairing tool Miracle Box. Basically, it is a software which helps to repair phone’s software related issues most efficiently. Fixing a phone’s software is time expanding and costly. On the other hand, you cannot merely fix your phone’s software related problems without an expert. But the miracle box makes it easier to repair your phone within a short time without the help of an expert. Besides, it is almost an automated tool which comes with an easy user interface. So, you will not need to be an expert to use it.

The miracle box is the best tool for repairing phones hardware. Apart from fixing, it comes with a lot of unique features for smartphones. You can flash your phone, unlock, and do many more things with this tool. In this article, we will provide you the download link of Miracle Box Crack v2.29 and let you know how to use it.

Miracle Box Crack v2.29 Features

Miracle Box comes with some extraordinary features which can variously help the users. Besides, it cannot harm the IMEI of your phone at the time of performing tasks. Here are some top features of newly released Miracle Box Crack v2.29:

Repair Phone Software

You can quickly repair the software of your phone easily with this tool. Besides, it supports almost all type of system chipset like MediaTek, Snapdragons, Hisilicons, etc.

Firmware Flash

Sometimes, users need to flash the firmware of phone for various reasons. The Miracle Box is the best tool for flashing phones firmware. You can easily flash the firmware of your phone easily with this app

Smartphone PIN Unlock

Miracle Box can also help you to PIN unlock your phone easily. It uses the administration bypass system to open the code.

Smartphone Pattern Unlock

Smartphone users often forget their phone pattern lock. As a result, it becomes impossible to unlock the phone. But it can be unlocked with the help of Miracle Box.

Read/Write Phones RAM

This app can also help you to check and verify the RAM of your phone. Moreover, you can also access the NAND flash of your device with Miracle Box.

Repair and Read IMEI

If you have a phone with problematic IMEI, then you will need to fix it to use the phone correctly. The Miracle Box can help you to fix the IMEI code of the phone easily. You can even change the IMEI code of your phone with this app.

Access The Bin Files

Usually, you cannot open the bin files from your phone. But this tool can help you to access the bin file of your phone easily.

Miracle Box Crack v2.29 Download

The Miracle Box is the best way to solve all kind of hardware performance related issues of your phone. You simply cannot use your smartphone when it has problems in its software. Miracle Box can help you to get rid of these issues easily. Basically, the Miracle Box software comes as a USB drive, and you will need to pay for it. However, it is also downloadable.

There is a lot of website from where you can download the Miracle Box. But not all the websites are trustable. Most of them will provide you fake download link instead of the real one. Besides, some of the sites can offer you unverified files which can contain virus and malware. However, don’t worry, in this article, we will provide you real and scanned download link of Miracle Box updated version.

Miracle Box Crack v2.29 All Start Button Working solution (2018)

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Miracle Box Crack v2.29 All Start Button Working solution (2018)

Miracle Box Crack v2.29 All Start Button Working solution (2018). Free


How to Download Miracle Box Crack v2.29

Follow the below guide to install Miracle Box1. At first, download the miracle box in your pc from the download link given above.

  1.  At first, download the miracle box in your pc from the download link given above.
    2. Extract the file on your PC and run the Setup.exe file.
    3. The application will be installed in your PC.
    4. After the installation process becomes complete, the app will automatically open.
    5. Exit the app and go to the downloaded files.
    6. Find the crack file from the list and extract it.
    7. After that, copy the extracted crack file and paste it into the miracle box folder.
    8. You can access the miracle box folder from program files of your C drive.
    9. Now your Miracle Box is ready to use.

How to Use the Miracle Box

The Miracle Box app comes with an easy user-interface. However, if you face any problem to use it, you can follow the below guide:

1. Open the Miracle Box app on your PC.
2. Select the chipset from the drop-down menu of the app.
3. Now click the folder portrait visible to you.
4. After that select the ROM firmware you want to flash in your PC and select the phone model.
5. After that click the start button.
6. Now connect switch off your phone and connect it to PC by a USB cable.
7. The miracle box will start flashing your device.

After the flashing process end, your device will run on the new firmware. If you face any problems, please let us know by comment.

Miracle Box Crack Buttons Not Working solution

Sometimes the start and stop button of Miracle Box doesn’t work correctly. If you face the same problem, please follow the below guide for the solution:

1. At first, exit the Miracle Box app.
2. Then go to the date and time settings in of your PC.
3. Change the date formats in dd-MMM-yy format.
4. Save the settings and exit the page.
5. Now open the Miracle Box.
6. You will see the start button is working.

There are very few apps which can do multiple tasks for software repair and other problems of smartphones. If you follow the process described above, you can easily use the tool. If you still have any queries about Miracle Box Crack v2.29, please let us know by comment.