Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 flash file Free firmware

Hotwav Cosmos V13 is an Android smartphone manufactured in India. Many people use this cell phone for everyday use. It is important for those users to know about Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 firmware. It is the flash file you can use to update the device. The handset has an operating system of Android 4.4. Along with this, it has 1.3GHz dual core processor. In this article, I will discuss the process you can adopt for flashing. So, if you want to update your device to a newer version you should read further.

Process to update with Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 flash file

The process is not as complicated as it may sound. You do not have to visit a shop for the update. Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 flash file is available on the internet. It is so simple that you can perform it yourself. You just have to follow the steps that I will discuss below. Before you start, make sure to backup all the data. Also, the charge of the handset should at least be 80%.



Password Solution: v13.pac.file

Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 flash file Free


Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 flash file Free firmware download

Step 1

At first, turn off the device. Then remove the battery if it is possible.

Step 2

You need to download the USB driver that is compatible with the Hotwav Cosmos V13 . Install the driver on your computer. So, you can use the USB cable to connect it to your mobile phone. If the driver is already installed, you do not have to re-install it.

Step 3

Download the Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 firmware. Extract it. This firmware will help to flash your handset. You can get it from any trusted website.

Step 4

Download the Upgrade-Download-R2.9.9015 on the Pc or laptop, whichever you have. Extract the Upgrade-Download-R2.9.9015, and it will open a window. From there, locate the “flash_tool.exe.” file. Click on it. As it launches, a new window will start. Find the “Download” tab and click on it. The tab will expand and from there click on the “PAC file-loading” option.

Step 5

From there, browse to the Hotwav Cosmos V13 firmware folder. Select the file that has an extension named “scatter. text.”. It is the scatter file. Then press open which will take you to another window.Give ticks on all the files and then click on the download option.

Step 6

Connect your cell phone to the computer with the help of the USB cable. Press volume down or up key after you connected the device. It will help the computer to detect the handset.

Step 7

Wait for some time while the flashing is going on. As it completes, you will see a visible green circle on the screen with a tick mark. Now, you can close the Upgrade-Download-R2.9.9015 window. Also, you can disconnect your cell phone from the computer by removing the USB cable.

Note: By flashing the mobile phone you are voiding the warranty of it. So try it after the warranty expires. Also, the site is not liable if something goes wrong while updating.

Final Words Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 flash file Free firmware

Using Hotwav Cosmos V13 SP7731 flash file Free firmware is an excellent way to upgrade your cell phone. You can use newer software or applications on your handset now. And if there are any device related problems, it will be solved. So, I would suggest you flash if you are facing troubles.