Download Xiaomi USB Driver Free for All Devices windows

For every Xiaomi user need to download Xiaomi USB diver to connecting the smartphone to the pc by the USB cable. Without USB diver you do not successfully connect the smartphone to your pc. This driver helps you to transfer a file from the pc to mobile and mobile to pc. It also helps you to flash the firmware stock on your Xiaomi device and root the Xiaomi device and user also use the Xiaomi smartphone camera for the pc webcam camera by installing the xiaomi, USB diver. Here the Download Xiaomi USB diver link and full installation guide. Now read the full content.

What is a Xiaomi USB Driver?

Xaiomi USB diver is a system that helps you to connect your smartphone to your pc by the USB cabal for transferring the data or personal file. This method also helps you to firmware stock flashing, root your Xiaomi phone, unlock the Xiaomi device and use the phone camera for the webcam. For that, you need just install the diver on your personal computer or laptop then connect the smartphone to the USB cable for ready your smartphone.

Why You Need Xiaomi USB Driver?

Xiaomi UBS diver is the most important thing for the Xiaomi user. For many works on your Xiaomi device, you need to install the Xiaomi USB diver on your computer. Such as, if you want to transfer data from your laptop or pc or transfer the data from your Xiaomi device you must need to install this diver on your pc. For flashing the stock firmware on your Xiaomi device, it must be your need. Without USB diver you cannot succeed to flash your Xiaomi smartphone. If you want to root your device it also you need, because with all the USB diver never connect your smartphone to your pc, for that you must need to install the diver. Xiaomi smartphone camera you can use on your pc for the webcam. It is the essential features for the people who use the computer without webcam camera.

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Download Xiaomi USB Driver For Windows PC

Now download the Xiaomi USB diver for all computer. Here all model Xiaomi USB diver. Now choose your model and click the download button.

How to install Xiaomi ADB USB diver

ADB diver install on the pc for the Xiaomi device is very easy and straightforward. You can install it in the two ways. Here I will try to discuss two different methods for installing the ADB diver. If you want to install directly, you can follow the 1st process, and if you’re going to install them manually, you need to develop the 2nd option. Now see how to install the ADB diver with both methods.

Xiaomi USB Driver All Model download link here


Method 1 the direct installation

For install the Xiaomi USB diver on your pc first you need to download Xiaomi USB diver on your pc. After downloading the file, you need to open it. But this is a zip file. For that, you

need to extract the data. To extract the data, you must use any unzipper software on your pc. You can use the WinRAR or 7Zip software to extract the data. When you successfully extract the file on your pc, then you need to click the EXE file for running. Open the EXE file is open or run you need just follow the software installation guide. You can also just click the next, after click the next then you can see the other window and click the next then finish. After following all method then congratulation. You successfully install the xiaomi, USB diver.

Method 2 manual installation

In case of any driver which doesn’t have the EXE file for installation and next, you have to install the driver manually. This method is also same just have to give the path of the driver store on your personal computer or laptop.

First, you need to download Xiaomi USB diver file on your pc. When you completely download the Xiaomi USB diver on your pc, then you need to extract the zip file on your pc any folder. After extract the zip file you need to connect your smartphone to your pc by the USB data cable. When your Xiaomi device is a connection to your pc, then you need to press the F10 or the right click on your PC icon. After clicking the right button on the computer icon, you can see a menu list. Then select the Manage on the menu bar,  after clicking the manage then you can now see a new window. Now click on the Device Manager. When you go to the Device Manager, you can see your android mobile, with the Question mark. That means the USB diver is not installed yet.

Now you need to update the driver. For update the driver you need to right-click on the Question mark mobile icon. Then you need to select the Update Driver Software option from the menu. After that now you can see the new pop up window and you need to browse your computer and give the path of the folder that files you unzipped and chose the file. Then click the next, and after clicking the next, the Xiaomi file will be started for the update. Now you need to wait few minutes for successfully update the driver. After all, done. Congratulations, you successfully install the Xiaomi USB diver.

Final verdict

However, now you know about the USB driver and download Xiaomi USB diver for the windows. If you follow all installation guide, you can achieve success to install the driver on your pc. But remember, the driver file is a zip file. For that, you need to first unzip the data, for unzipping the data you can use the WinRAR software or 7Zip software on your pc. WinRAR and 7Zip software are entirely free, so you can efficiently use the software. When you connect your Xiaomi smartphone to your pc, you can use the original USB cable.