Mi account Unlock tool update version

There are many websites to download Mi account remover tool update version. The Xiaomi users need a Xiaomi account to enjoy all the features and application properly. Mi is one of the largest manufacturers of Smartphone. The Smartphone is called Xiaomi. You need the Mi account. You can remove the account and add a new one. To remove the Mi account, you need the tool. Of course, the update version of Mi account tool is always better. So, if you want to remove your Mi account, try the update tool.

Mi account Unlock tool update version

What is Mi account?

The Xiaomi provides Mi account. To get all the services of Xiaomi such as Mi games, Mi special Apps, the users need Mi account. Moreover, if you want to sync data or keep any files, video clips or other files to the MI cloud, you need the Mi account. It is a little bit different than other Android devices because other devices only need a Gmail account to enjoy the services. But for the same works, you will need the Mi account.

Why is it important to Mi account Unlock tool update version?

It is an essential step to download the updated version of any tool that is used to change anything of the device. Sometimes the older version does not work properly. Besides, the newer version always contains more updated features. In the case of Mi account remove tool, it is the same matter. So, always try to download the newest version of Mi account remover tool.

Download Mi account remover tool update version

Mi account Unlock tool Download

 Password Solution:tested-rom.com

Download Mi account remover tool

What is needed to Mi account Unlock tool

To remove a Mi account, you need some tools. With the Mi account removal tool, you can disable your Mi account. It cannot be done with only one tool. You need the flash tool with other tools. Now we can see the tools to remove Mi account. It will work 100%. It is tested.

  • Mi account Unlock Tool
  • Fastboot Tool
  • Required firmware
  • A PC

Mi account Unlock Tool

You can download the Mi Account unlock tool from the manufacturer’s website. With this tool, you can do some process to change some settings of your Xiaomi device. Always try to download the Mi account remover tool update version. You can unlock your Mi account, can disable the account and also can see the information by this tool.

Fastboot Tool

The Fastboot tool is necessary to remove the Mi account. It is the tool that can write any data to the flash memory of the Xiaomi device. Besides, you can flash kernels and recoveries with this tool. You need a USB cable to do these.

You can also enter the fastboot mode by the ADB command when the device is connected to the host device. Maximum Mi devices have the fastboot option. But all the Android company will not provide the same way to enter into it.

Required firmware

To root or do any other changes to your Xiaomi device, you need the firmware. But for this process, the firmware will be the same model of the device because the different firmware will cause serious harms to your device. So, before downloading any firmware you should be careful about the model of your device.

PC or laptop

You need a PC or laptop to do the whole process. It also needs to flash your device and do any unlock process.

How to remove Xiaomi Mi account

It is important to know how to remove Xiaomi Mi account if you use the Xiaomi device. There are some ways to remove the Xiaomi Mi account. I am describing them bellow.

You can use the flash tool to remove the Xiaomi Mi account permanently. To do this, you need the following to download.

  • Fastboot tool
  • The Mi firmware of the required device
  • Fastboot driver

The steps to remove Xiaomi Mi account are given bellow.

  • At first, download the firmware according to your Xiaomi Android device’s model and made number.
  • Now download the fast boot tool.
  • Then extract the firmware and copy the firmware folder to the C drive.
  • Extract the fast boot tool file and copy it to the firmware folder.
  • Then connect your phone to the PC using the USB and keep your device into fast boot mode.
  • You will find a file named flash_all.bat in the firmware folder. When you open the file, flashing will start. In this case, you can use the flasher to flash the firmware.
  • After flashing, click hard reset Vol, then the power button. After that recover the data.

How to edit a Mi account

You can also edit your Mi account when it is needed. You can change the name, email, password, or security questions. To do the change, you need to go to the Mi account page. You will receive a verification massage before changing any detail you need. Without the phone verification, you are not able to change the details. So, set a recovery phone number.

The Mi account is also editable. You can edit it anytime. By this process, you can change the name, email and password or the security question. In order to do these changes, you need to go to the Mi account page. When you want to do the changes, you will receive the verification message. Without the verification, you cannot do any change. To do this verification, set a recovery phone number.

Mi account Unlock tool update version from the Mi website and you can try it. It is a safe software and the process is also not so hard. A Xiaomi device must need a Mi account. It helps the user to enjoy the amazing features of Xiaomi device. Moreover, to do any changes, you need this account. All the major changes need the flash tool with other tools. Many of the users of Xioami Android device face difficulties during removing the Mi accounts. To make this process easy, now the Mi account remover tool is available.